Three days after we saw the first dolphins passing by these two Bottlenose Dolphins showed up at Torfa Abu Nugar, Hurgada (Egypt). One dolphin kept some distance, but the other was checking al divers and stayed with us for 5 minutes. Amazing experience!

Cold, very cold

Today I started diving in the Netherlands again after a cold winter. The weather was not very good and the water temperature still only 11 degrees Celcius. However, it was a great dive with a maximum depth of only 3.2 meters. We did see a lot of nudibranchs, including this nice Flabellina Gracilis at Goese Sas, Zeeland (the Netherlands).


I found this Seahorse during a drift dive on a very sandy and flat dive site close to the Perhentian Islands (Malaysia). As soon as we did see the bottom (+/-22 meters) we realized that the current was very, very strong. With our nose in the current we were searching for seahorses in the small coral “bushes”. It took us about 15 minutes to find one. When we hit the surface after our dive we noticed the enormous distance we covered during this dive. Luckily the boat found us and picked us up.

Lion at Borneo

We planned to go to Sipadan, but due to the conflicts we changed our plans and made a few dives around Kota Kinabalu (Malaysia). The water was crystal clear and we made some great dives over there. This Lionfish was one of the may we saw during this trip.